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Charitable - it is devoted to the welfare and happiness of mankind.

Benevolent - teaching that the good of others is of primary concern.  

Communal - recognising that Society is made up of individuals, it impresses upon its members the principles of personal righteousness and responsibility, enlightens them in those things which make for human welfare; and inspires those feelings of charity and goodwill toward all mankind leading to the practical application of those cherished principles.  

Educational - its authorised ritualistic ceremonials teach a system of morality and brotherhood based upon Sacred Law.  

Religious - it acknowledges a one and caring Deity. Neither secular nor theological, reverence for a Supreme Being is ever present in its ceremonials.  The volume of the Sacred Law (Bible), appropriate to its members, is open upon its Altars whenever a Lodge is in session.  

Social - in so far as it encourages the meeting together of men for the purpose of its primary objectives: education, fellowship and charity.

Organisation- Lodge organisation is similar to many other societies in that it has officers designated to do work.